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September Clearance Auction Event



Welcome to EquipX Online Auction Services

Our online auctions services help sellers to reach more than just their local market and achieve fair market value for their assets while providing great deals to the buyers.

EquipX auction services connects buyers and sellers in an online auction environment. Our online auction sales events are entirely web based, offering used equipment for sale in lots and having buyers from around the world bidding over the internet. Our user-friendly website, online auctions and marketplace is an effective way to attract buyers from around the world. Members or sellers’ assets are listed individually as part of an online auction event and bidders globally can bid against each other in real time. The sale closes (finishes) at a scheduled day and time and all lots with bids over the reserve price are then sold. This is a great way for companies to sell off surplus equipment and dealers to move inventory. EquipX Online is a third party provider of marketing services for companies to help promote and sell surplus assets. If you would like more information on our auction services or an auction item please contact us.

Online auction types

Equipx offers 3 types of online auctions.

scheduled auctions

Private auctions

Lightning Sales Events

  • 2 Day events
  • unlimited products/lots
  • category/groups specific
  • 1 day events
  • unlimited products/lots
  • company specific
  • 4 hour events
  • 100 products/items limit
  • Not category/groups specific

Auction Registration

Anyone can view the items up for announced auctions but to place bids you must register on the auction details page. The registration process is free and simple.