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Feb 09, 2015

EquipX online


This week BidSpotter hosted our first EquipX Auction of the New Year. We had high expectations for success in this auction, due to the amount of bidders we had in both December's Auction Events.  We had a large amount of participation for this auction that ended on February 5th.

New Categories

EquipX has been able to extend our inventory by adding many new categories including Isolation Technology in Laboratory Equipment.

New Inventory Added

Last week our members added products into many categories such as Cappers, Labeling Equipment and Case Equipment.

Processing Equipment - a Seepex BCSB Stainless Steel pump was added to Pumps this week. We had a new addition to the Tanks category, now featuring a Stainless Steel 1500 GAL Jacketed Will Flow Corp. Tank.

Packaging Equipment - Our members added a PFM Falcon Horizontal Flow Wrapper 1-UP Jaw to the Wrappers category and a Fully Automatic Tube Filler into Fillers.

Laboratory Equipment - Several weighing systems were added to Equipx this week, including a Mettler Toledo Four Weigh Cel Scale System & a 5' x 5' Steel, Painted, Low Profile, "Roughdeck" Platform Scale.

Auction Services

Check back in two weeks for our next auction announcement!